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Qualitative deep dive into customer satisfaction with inhalation sticks 

"Lenka worked with us to gather customer feedback after our pilot launch via in-depth interviews. She was able to draw a lot of insights from customer thanks to the way she navigates the discussion. The insights from the interviews helped us to improve product messaging resulting in more satisfied customers and more converting adds. I don't believe we would be able to reach the same level of insight have we interviewed the customers ourselves."

Dan Beseda, Chief Product Officer at AOMU



Qualitative deep dive into an unnamed category

Experiences among professionals in the field, awareness, brand knowledge, and preferences aimed at uncovering growth potential for the unnamed product

"We had the pleasure of working with Lenka for our marketing research needs, and she truly exceeded our expectations. Lenka is not only a great person to collaborate with but also a highly skilled specialist in her field. Our industry is highly technical, and Lenka's impressive skills in conducting in-depth quantitative market analysis greatly contributed to our projects' success. What makes her stand out is her meticulous attention to detail and her dedication to customizing her approach to perfectly match our specific needs. Regardless of the task's complexity, Lenka tackled it with enthusiasm and delivered results that were both insightful and actionable."

Alexandra Bakuncová, Junior Marketing Activation Specialist, Czech & Slovakia, LIXIL EMENA

English Heritage


Exploring School Excursions: A Qualitiative Deep Dive into Foreign School Trips

This project delved into the realm of school excursions, specificallz focusing on foreign trips, through asynchronous discussion with teachers. The primary objective was to gain deeper insights into the decision-making process involved in planning and executiong these trips, as well as to explore the overall experiences associated with them.

By engaging with teacher in discussion, we aimet to unocover the various factos that influenced decision-making when it came to organizing foreign school trips. Through this conversation, we sought to understand the considerationsm challenges, and motivations that educators faced in this context.

Ultimately, this qualitative exploration aimed to provide valuable insights that could inform future planning and enhance the overall experience of foreign school trips for both educators and students.